Biking with RunKeeper Doodling with GPS

March 31, 2010

Edit: This was clearly to subliminal, as none of the people i’ve shown it to has actually seen that i’ve biked pubertal graffiti over entire Södermalm in Stockholm. So there, the beans are spilled.

Spring is finally rearing it’s pretty head at Stockholm, and today i took my bike out from the storage room for the first time after the winter.

There’s a reason i was particularly keen on biking this year, namely RunKeeper, an iPhone app that keeps track of your exercising. Length travelled, speed, elevation and calories, RunKeeper provides you with a lot of fun stats. And who doesn’t love stats?

But the best thing about RunKeeper it’s the GPS tracker, which records your route on google maps. All is saved on your iPhone, but also uploaded to your profile online, where you can share your trips.

Here’s my latest path:

You can also see this on my profile:

RunKeeper is by far the best iPhone app i’ve seen.
I am truly more motivated than ever to go for a ride.
I recommend it.

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April 13, 2009

I found these images of a BMX i found dumped in a ditch in Rättvik a couple of years ago. It was impossible to leave behind, and with an effort of moby dickish proportions, i actually brought it home to Stockholm.

Some year later, the building i lived in was cleaning out the bike room from bikes they assumed was trash. I’m guessing this precious piece of perfect decay was the first to go.

A sad end of what seems like an extraordinary bikelife.

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Kitchen floor doodling

November 9, 2007

Last night i decided to turn my new white shiny plastic floor, which i had put over the horrible light wooden floor, back into a wooden floor. With a fat black marker.

No sketching, no real plan. Just doodling along all over the floor. The result is amazingly attention-grabbing. On the edge of psychosis inducing.

It all began when i wanted to get rid of the wooden floors that were in my apartment when i bought it. Tearing it up would be a lot of work(obviously) and stupid(because even if i don’t like it, i know replacing it with plastic floor would lower the value of this apartment remarkably when i’m going to sell it one day).
So i started looking for a way to keep the original floor, but cover it with a white shiny surface. Painting it would possibly ruin the floor, and it would require a complete floor grind. No other solutions seemed to be available. Until i one day saw a roll of self-adhesive vinyl film in the hardware store. People use it for cupboards and car decals, why wouldn’t it work on a floor? The staff at the store said it would never work of course. “It won’t last blah blah blah leave marks blah blah do it proper blah”.

But i was optimistic. I don’t need something to last for 10 years, if it looks good for one year and is easy to remove it’s way better! And it’s cheap too. So i bought a roll and tried it out.

The result is great. The film is so thin you can even see the structure of the wood on it. It’s like paint that you can tear up as many times as you wish. And you don’t need to grind or polish the floor, just vacuum it before you apply the film. It doesn’t leave any marks or traces of glue on my floor, but i don’t know if that goes for every type of wood. And it’s more durable than you think. After a couple of months you will have a few minor tears. But not much worse than a painted floor.

And i love the feeling of disposability in interiors, it enables you to experiment with it.
Like turning it into a huge doodle.

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April 27, 2004

This is the previous, last updated back in 2004 or so. It features some pretty neat random animations. If you have some time on your hands, wait until the little fisherman comes and catches a fish. Good times.

I’m not sure how much of it still works, and it clearly looks a bit jagged and buggy. But it’s still up for nostalgic reasons.

You can visit it here.

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