Count Hemmendorff - Castle Hemmendorff Audio Tour

May 14, 2010

I started this music project back in like… 2004? 2002? Noone knows.
It has finally found the perfect label however, and is now released.

Join us on this unguided Audio Tour of Castle Hemmendorff. You will visit the Great Hall, where the Count hosts the monthly midnight ball for the ghosts of the Castle and unfortunate bypassers, and the Laboratory, where the Count spends much of his sleepless nights, doing questionable experiments to achieve immortality and produce mindaltering elixirs, as well as the Secret Garden, home of the mutant truffle finding poodles, self-luminous albino owls as well as many other more or less succesful experiments.

The record is out now on the one and only Danny Wolfers own Strange Life records. A great honor.

Two tracks from the record.

Count Hemmendorff-The Great Hall by hemmendorff

Count Hemmendorff-The Laboratory by hemmendorff

More snippets on the release page on Strange Life. You can buy it there, or on clone.

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