MIXSET: Obsolete Love Songs

April 20, 2010

A collection of arguable love songs, this is slow dancing for the depraved. Some true gems like Billy Swan-Don’t be cruel and Katrina’s club from the Vamp soundtrack.
Check the comments for full tracklist.

Download: Count_Hemmendorff-Obsolete_Love_Songs.mp3


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MIXSET: White Funk

September 15, 2008

A 38 minute celebration of another of my musical obsessions: the sound of early 80’s new wave/synth/postpunk.
Featuring the vampire freakout of Douglas Bregger, the lyrical genius of Arvid Tuba and the beautifully frantic hihats of Our Daughters Wedding. And more. AND MORE!
All hits.

Download: Count_Hemmendorff-White_Funk.mp3


Coming up next: Black funk.

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MIXSET: Sunny Day Obscurities

April 16, 2007

The Count is feeling splendid! Mixing up a mix for sunny springdays in the grounds of Castle Hemmendorff. A pretty varied selection of jolly tunes, much french and italian library but also some other stuff, ranging in time from the 30’s Ink Spots to La Düsseldorff 1981.

29 minutes of sunny sounds. Carefully selected and poorly mixed.

Download:Count Hemmendorff - Sunny Day Obscurities.mp3


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MIXSET: Paranoia

October 11, 2006

The Count is feeling a bit apprehensive. Probably with good reasons. Lurking in dark alleys. Scheming.

Moody, neurotic tunes, spanning over a wide range of genres. From Tom Waits to dark warriordisco to some uneasy chitown ghetto trax. The centerpiece is the incredible Squadro Blanco - The night must fall.

Download: Count_Hemmendorff-Paranoia_Mix.mp3


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