Biking with RunKeeper Doodling with GPS

March 31, 2010

Edit: This was clearly to subliminal, as none of the people i’ve shown it to has actually seen that i’ve biked pubertal graffiti over entire Södermalm in Stockholm. So there, the beans are spilled.

Spring is finally rearing it’s pretty head at Stockholm, and today i took my bike out from the storage room for the first time after the winter.

There’s a reason i was particularly keen on biking this year, namely RunKeeper, an iPhone app that keeps track of your exercising. Length travelled, speed, elevation and calories, RunKeeper provides you with a lot of fun stats. And who doesn’t love stats?

But the best thing about RunKeeper it’s the GPS tracker, which records your route on google maps. All is saved on your iPhone, but also uploaded to your profile online, where you can share your trips.

Here’s my latest path:

You can also see this on my profile:

RunKeeper is by far the best iPhone app i’ve seen.
I am truly more motivated than ever to go for a ride.
I recommend it.

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