October 15, 2007

As a part of their total makeover, fashion department store PUB asked us to make a brand new site for them.
The key concept of the site is Mode varje dag (”Fashion every day”), a phrase to describe PUBs new total devotion to fashion, and also a way to work with the site. The main page of the site features a full-window display area that changes each day. Like a store-front. In this space we could work with video, photographs or interactive content depending on the campaign that was running at the time. But never the same content two days in a row, and always fashion. New outfits every day.

A huge pro about this, in my opinion, is that all campaigns are collected in the same space. No campaign sites or weird new urls that gets lost in time as soon as the advertising campaign stops.

All in one place, and if you want to see how the site looked yesterday(or two months ago) you just browse backwards in the calender at the bottom.

Here’s a couple of images to show the different faces of the site so far(almost one year later).

Agency: Joy
My role: Creative director and developer

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Zombiegrinder 60000

October 13, 2007

Vice Magazine asked me to do a game for their HORROR ISSUE. I’ve had an idea for some time to make a platform game that was really stressful, with some really insane soundtrack.

Soundtracks are so important, still most soundtracks(literally all soundtracks for games except GTA and Fallout) are complete shit. And especially when it’s supposed to be really hard and scary metal stuff, some asshole always scores some lame newmetal matrix shit.

With the help from Vice, i got the chance to make a game featuring music of three of my favourite grind bands.
The premise of the game is simple: You’re a fat guy running blindly trying to shoot your way through a neverending line of zombies. But it’s the music, and the way the game truly is based on the music in pace and feel, that makes it something else.

Play it here.

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