Looklet - Editors Pick photo

August 28, 2010

An photo shot for the editorial part of Looklet. This week was themed “Teenage Crimes”. If you visit looklet.com/create/#/inpiration, all clothes in the photo is available to use for your own looks.

Styling: Tereza Ortiz (Looklet)
Hair & Make-up: Elin Tordenlind (Mikas)
Model: Antonia R (Stockholmsgruppen).

Thanks to Patrick Ryan Crotty for providing them toys.

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Count Hemmendorff - Castle Hemmendorff Audio Tour

May 14, 2010

I started this music project back in like… 2004? 2002? Noone knows.
It has finally found the perfect label however, and is now released.

Join us on this unguided Audio Tour of Castle Hemmendorff. You will visit the Great Hall, where the Count hosts the monthly midnight ball for the ghosts of the Castle and unfortunate bypassers, and the Laboratory, where the Count spends much of his sleepless nights, doing questionable experiments to achieve immortality and produce mindaltering elixirs, as well as the Secret Garden, home of the mutant truffle finding poodles, self-luminous albino owls as well as many other more or less succesful experiments.

The record is out now on the one and only Danny Wolfers own Strange Life records. A great honor.

Two tracks from the record.

Count Hemmendorff-The Great Hall by hemmendorff

Count Hemmendorff-The Laboratory by hemmendorff

More snippets on the release page on Strange Life. You can buy it there, or on clone.

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MIXSET: Obsolete Love Songs

April 20, 2010

A collection of arguable love songs, this is slow dancing for the depraved. Some true gems like Billy Swan-Don’t be cruel and Katrina’s club from the Vamp soundtrack.
Check the comments for full tracklist.

Download: Count_Hemmendorff-Obsolete_Love_Songs.mp3


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Biking with RunKeeper Doodling with GPS

March 31, 2010

Edit: This was clearly to subliminal, as none of the people i’ve shown it to has actually seen that i’ve biked pubertal graffiti over entire Södermalm in Stockholm. So there, the beans are spilled.

Spring is finally rearing it’s pretty head at Stockholm, and today i took my bike out from the storage room for the first time after the winter.

There’s a reason i was particularly keen on biking this year, namely RunKeeper, an iPhone app that keeps track of your exercising. Length travelled, speed, elevation and calories, RunKeeper provides you with a lot of fun stats. And who doesn’t love stats?

But the best thing about RunKeeper it’s the GPS tracker, which records your route on google maps. All is saved on your iPhone, but also uploaded to your profile online, where you can share your trips.

Here’s my latest path:

You can also see this on my profile: http://rnkpr.com/a4dghn

RunKeeper is by far the best iPhone app i’ve seen.
I am truly more motivated than ever to go for a ride.
I recommend it.

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April 13, 2009

I found these images of a BMX i found dumped in a ditch in Rättvik a couple of years ago. It was impossible to leave behind, and with an effort of moby dickish proportions, i actually brought it home to Stockholm.

Some year later, the building i lived in was cleaning out the bike room from bikes they assumed was trash. I’m guessing this precious piece of perfect decay was the first to go.

A sad end of what seems like an extraordinary bikelife.

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February 2, 2009

For the last 9 months, i’ve been working full-time on a project initiated by me and 4 friends(hence lack of posts here). We’ve had complete secrecy so we haven’t showed it to anyone. Until now.

Looklet.com is a digital styling studio, where you can combine every type of garment from a vast wardrobe of real clothes on a model. Striving for a “high level of fashion”, the generated render is supposed to look as close as possible to a editorial outfit photo from a magazine, and all clothes are of course from real designers.

Looklet application

Right now we have about 1500 items(of which about a third has been published) but we’re selecting and shooting 100-200 new every week.

The site will feature some simple community-features, you have your profile where you save your looks, you can join groups and keep check of your friends activities. We will also have editorial content, all revolving around the application. An article about a new brand will always lead to the visitor trying the brands clothes in the application.
We do however not sell any clothes. It’s all fun.

Looklet looks

At this stage, we’re still in beta. A lot of features around the site, and a lot of clothes, are to be added before unleashing this on the public. For now, you’ll need a invite code to register and try it out.

If you are interested, sign up for an invite on looklet.com and we’ll send you one as we’re letting more people in.

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MIXSET: White Funk

September 15, 2008

A 38 minute celebration of another of my musical obsessions: the sound of early 80’s new wave/synth/postpunk.
Featuring the vampire freakout of Douglas Bregger, the lyrical genius of Arvid Tuba and the beautifully frantic hihats of Our Daughters Wedding. And more. AND MORE!
All hits.

Download: Count_Hemmendorff-White_Funk.mp3


Coming up next: Black funk.

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Nike Sportswear

August 8, 2008


8 creatives/designers/photographers/artists/fraaaaaahhhh were asked to interpret 8 different Nike Sportswear icons. I got the Air Max 90.

In the tradition of material innovation of AM 90, i constructed a running shoe using the most powerful, must durable and most delicious material known to man: hamburger.

Good fun!

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PUB demonstrerar

May 1, 2008

In this campaign we needed to do two things:
1. Highlight the brands that would lure passing locals and tourists into the department store.
2. Show a LOT of the new seasons clothes, and the range of styles available in the different stores.
We also felt the need of saying it in a pretty aggresive, in-your-face tone. This, combined with the fact that this campaign would start at May 1st(international labour movement day, “celebrated” with political rallys in Sweden) resulted in the concept of a demonstration rally. A fashionable demonstration rally.

Agency: Joy
My role: Creative Director
Photographer: Andreas Kock
Stylist: Sofie Dillon
Make-up: Anya de Tobon & Hanna
Hair: Erika Svedjevik & Ali Pirzadeh
Models: Aeneas, Geraldine, Isabel, Leona, Nike, Olivia, Peter, Yannis (all Mikas)

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PUB sportar

March 15, 2008

The theme for this campaign was sport, a word hardly associated with fashion. Our concept was pretty straightforward: we took 4 real athletes, dressed them up in high fashion, and filmed the most explosive moments in different sports. In 1000 frames per second.

There are 20 clips like these, and they were displayed on huge screens in the storefronts, and inside the department store, as well as online of course.

Agency: Joy
My role: Creative Director
Stylist: Sally O’Sullivan
Director and producer: Christian Haag
+ huge crew. Thanks to all!

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